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April 2015 real estate index


Real Estate Association did its report for April house sales and the results were:


  • 7.5% increasing in house prices in April comparing tlevent istanbul turko the same month last year.
  • mark houses sales increased by 1.47% in the European side, while it increased 0.85% in the Asian side of Istanbul.
  • 1+1 apartment sales increased by 1.8%, 2+1 increased by 1.6%, 3+1 increased by 1.8% and 4+1 apartment were increased by 0.14%.
  • 8% from the apartment which were sold were ready to live, while 92% were under construction.
  • 29% of the apartment were sold in cash, 32% by installments, and 39% by bank loans.
  • 54% from the mark apartments were sold for investors, 2+1 apartment types were the most demanded type, and most demanded area were 95 square meters




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