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Istanbul’s Third Airport .. The Heart Of The AlHarir’s Air Road

The Turkish government has signed several agreements with various airlines within the framework of Istanbul Airport III. These agreements covered various areas such as shipping and services on the ground as well as retail areas, and the new Istanbul airport became the hub of  The AlHarir’s Air Road It is expected to start more than […]

Beylikdüzü the new civilized face of Istanbul

Beylikduzu area is one of the most beautiful cultural and urban beauties in the state of Istanbul. It is characterized by a beautiful administrative organization with wide streets, plants and trees spread over it, one of the preferred areas of the population of Istanbul, because of the diversity and diversity of its connections and conformity with […]

مشاريع تركية هامة يتم انشاءها خلال العام 2017

تتميز تركيا  بوجود الممرات الدولية الرئيسية على أراضيها , مما جعل الحكومة التركية تعمل على تطوير وتحسين هذه الممرات بإنشاء مشاريع استراتيجية ترفع من قيمتها وتسهل من حركة المواطنين فيها , وهذا ما تهدف إليه الحكومة خلال العام الجاري ببدء إنشاء هذه المشاريع لتكون جزء من خطة تركيا لعام 2017 ومن هذه المشاريع :  1- […]