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New Mosque In Turkey in the style of Seljuk, Ottoman and Arab

With the end of the current year, the Hacı Fırdevs Turkmenoglu Mosque, which uniquely blends the Seljuk, Ottoman and Arabian architectural styles, will open. The mosque occupies 650 square meters and will accommodate more than 2,000 worshipers, although it has been in operation for nearly four years. One of the things that characterizes the mosque […]

Istanbul Shopping Festival begins after Eid

Istanbul Shopping Festival begins after Eid

The annual festival of shopping in Istanbul is set to begin in the city of Lisin with its famous shops and markets. The festival starts on July 1 and ends on the 16th of the same month, making Istanbul a destination and destination for shopping and entertainment seekers. To announce their products and open new […]

The Saudis are the top buyers in Turkey

“The Saudis have been among the top shoppers in Turkey for the first four months of this year,” said Salim Sheikhan, director of Global Blue Turkey, a specialist in value added for foreign shoppers in Turkey. Shaykhoun revealed that the volume of spending by Saudis in shopping during the last period witnessed an increase of […]

10 الاف شقة سكنية سلُمت لأصحابها من قبل مؤسسة الاسكان التركية (TOKİ)

Ergbun Turan, head of the Turkish Housing Corporation (TOKİ), said that more than 10,000 people had been handed over to apartments. The number of flats and shops handed over was 10,199,481. “More than 47,000 housing units were built last year with 74 per cent of the planned 64,000 apartments. The horizontal construction has been the […]

5% growth rate of the Turkish economy during the first quarter of 2017

Turkey’s economy has grown by 5 percent in the first quarter of this year, the Turkish economy ministry said. According to the ministry, this growth was greater than the growth during the same period of the previous year 2016. This figure is surprising for some people familiar with the economic situation and is a strong […]

MiniTurk Park in Istanbul

The MiniTurk Museum and Garden are the most famous places that have been witness to the Ottoman civilization throughout the centuries known locally and internationally to include all important tourist and historical landmarks in Turkey in the form of small sculptures. Opened in 2003, the 60-square-meter Menia Turk Park is one of the most beautiful […]

Turkey’s exports rose by 15 percent in May

Turkish exports rose by 15.88 percent in May, compared with the same month last year. The Minister of Economy, “Nihad Zibekji,” in a press statement, the export figures, which were announced by the Council of Turkish exporters for the month of May. Zibekji said that the total value of exports amounted to 12 billion and […]