New Turkey Estate provides legal and national service with the knowledge and experience of the years that have been experienced in being followed of legal functions before and after the selling of the real estates of which it does marketing, in evaluating the money as investment in the real estate and in being found out of real estates which fit the bill.

New Turkey Estate makes your life much easier thanks to its internet service. it is not necessary anymore to go from door to door in order to buy or sell a real estate that you desire. It is enough to get in contact with us.

The correct adress is New Turkey Estate for those who want to sell or to evaluate by renting the investments of house, workplace, land or villa in their real values. It is enough to send your contact information for meeting with New Turkey Estate assurance.

Our Mission:

  • To present the potentially most correct real estate options,
  • To provide our clients to spend their each day in a contentment not only during the selling or renting, but also after their investments.
  • To give rapid, need-base, reliable and profitable investment services to our clients,
  • To provide an opportunity to invest again by informing our clients about information of which our clients can make use according to the effects of developments in the market by following closely of the innovations of the sector.



To join our family, please send your C.V: