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When buying properties abroad, one needs to take care of the pros and cons of research from all possible places. Turkey is no exception. You need to know the facts, and all the relevant information to be at your disposal before proceeding with your purchase. We hope that our buyer’s guide will provide you with comprehensive and relevant information about Turkey and the process of buying real estate.

We summarized our guide in the following frequently asked questions when looking for a home abroad:

Why real estate investing in Turkey

The Turkish economy has gone from strength to strength and the country is now one of the largest emerging economies in the world. Thanks to stable inflation rates, favorable lending rates, and rising GDP, investor confidence is at an all-time high. The acquisition of the Mediterranean Sea in Turkey is now one of the most sought after areas in the Northern Hemisphere …. Read more

How to buy real estate in Turkey

As Turkey is facing a growing number of buyers, the Turkish government has recently taken steps to make the purchase of Turkish property faster and easier. Although it’s easier than ever to buy a home in Turkey, it is best to be armed with the latest information to guide you through the steps that you will need to purchase them in an unfamiliar country. We have here your guide to buying real estate in Turkey step by step which explains exactly what you need to do to ensure your purchase without any obstacles …. Read more.

Who can buy real estate in Turkey?

Turkish property is now available to citizens of more countries than ever before. Thanks to the amendment to change the rules of the game on legislation that lifted the restrictions and increase the number of nationalities who can now buy houses in Turkey to 129. The easy laws of property have increased buyers from abroad.

Costs of buying real estate in Turkey

Stamp and attorney fees, agency fees and other miscellaneous costs can be added. We recommend that you add 8% on top of your property value. Please read the link for a breakdown of the cost associated with buying property in Turkey. read more.

Manage and maintain your new home in Turkey and associated fees

Now that you have purchased your new home abroad, you need to know how to go about managing it and keeping it.

Because of the value of the property, mismanagement of the property will lose its value faster than you imagine. The good news is that managing and maintaining your home in Turkey is not expensive. You can hire one of the specialized maintenance companies that will provide the necessary services in the amount of about 600 euros annually.

Buying real estate in Turkey through a company

Many people choose to buy Turkish property through a foreign company because of certain advantages, while others take this solution in case they do not know about Turkey or lack of reciprocal relations. Either way, if you choose to take this option you will need to carefully consider the steps you will take and the implications of running a limited liability company in Turkey

Should you use a lawyer to buy real estate in Turkey

Most people who find themselves victims of real estate fraud in Turkey can simply avoid this by hiring a lawyer. Employing an experienced lawyer in the field not only saves you time but also eases your way to completing your property purchase, it helps you avoid the problems that many buyers are having.

Power of attorney in Turkey

In order to complete the purchase of property from your country, it will be necessary to grant a lawyer to the lawyer. Your solicitor will act on your behalf, completing the steps necessary to complete your mortgage purchase.

Property Finance in Turkey

As long as you have a good credit history and proof of income, financial assistance to buy property in Turkey is available to home buyers. With a minimum deposit of 30% and meeting the minimum standards you will be eligible for financing from major European financial institutions. Read our guide to financing real estate in Turkey and then contact us to see if you qualify for financing.

Residence permit in Turkey

As part of the government’s efforts to facilitate the purchase of property buyers from abroad, Turkish home buyers are now automatically granted a one-year residence permit in Turkey. After completing the first year you can renew your stay and get a permanent residence for five years. Access to a residence permit is relatively straightforward.

Work Permit in Turkey

All foreigners must obtain a work permit if they wish to work in Turkey. Your company will need to support your work permit …. Read more.

How to start a business in Turkey

Turkey attracts large amounts of foreign investment and the growing numbers of businessmen are combining buying a home in Turkey with new business ventures. Establishing a business in a new country can be difficult and you will have to discover how Turkish law works. In addition to taxes, you must also take into consideration that it is a culture that differs from your culture and your country,

Bring your pets to Turkey

Bringing your pet to Turkey is easier than you think. If the obese animal has a passport or ID card and is subject to the latest vaccines, you will find that the action taken on pets is very easy.

Bring the car to Turkey

Cars are an element of luxury