NTE-01 Your Chance To Buy In Instalments With Long Payment Plan

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The most profitable investment …

“NTE-01” stationed in Esenyurt located in the European part of Istanbul, the definition of investment determines the winner of the new local and foreign investors.

The most exclusive location …

“NTE-01” well located in the most attractive and Asenyort top center is value in recent years, which is a five-star integrated life and that of his presence at a site near the Sea of Marmara with stunning views.

“Istanbul” candidate to be the new Logo of the European Code of the West in Istanbul, which is the coolest project magnificent panoramic views and includes a wide range of social opportunities for fun and entertaining as presents to you a happy future high investment value and style of living, inspired by nature in all its details.

This magnificent project extends over an area of $ 34 580 square meters, and is based on seven huge towers and consists of a total of 2519 apartments and 59 commercial units outstanding to satisfy all your desires and Omaoaqk.

Social enterprises that will be waiting for you there:

Areas where children play, recreational places, Turkish bath, sauna, including changing rooms, gyms, restaurants and cafes, private trails for hiking, yard to play basketball, swimming pools.

Luxury in the heart of the city ..

This magnificent project provides for (serious Istanbul) new models consisted of a combination that is unmatched from luxury along with distinctive architectural designs that will attract Onzark and acquires interest .. and forgotten shopping fun that awaits shopping centers are distinct from each other as well as to restaurants that address all tastes tastes the food they offer and makes you enjoy the different cultures of local and international foods and views of these different and wonderful restaurants.

The most enjoyable moments ..

NTE-01 the dream will come to you, the most important of a series of services and capabilities that we offer through the project our aim is to make apartment dwellers happy social vast potential to reach a high value for the life of the investment.

The most enjoyable games ..

Resides in NTE-01 “special kids club offers them grow and have fun at the same time in addition to the parks and playgrounds, Voladkm times will spend a fun and safe as you Ststmton fact of life in the sense where it is attention to every detail concerning your children.

More active hours ..

We have fun cinema because you are the most important for us, Besallonatna equipped with the latest technology systems in NTE-01 “Only in this way offer you a fun experience unusual and distinctive film specifically for satisfying your passion for cinema.

The most traditional habits:

Like the old Tas old Turkish bath ..

Ndjemek here in the best possible environment and the latest ways to cure water and Tkhalask of tension, we also offer you a healthy and comfortable life where all tired and miss the classic and traditional service spa and sauna to rid the body of fatigue

Regaled minutes ..

Agility of the body and health and live entertainment all that you’ll find on this project, and when you want the rest of the sports bar will be waiting for you the types of vitamin cocktail of different fruits, health products and other .. Our goal unification of the positive meaning of the sport, fun, entertainment and interest.

More valuable moments ..

We know that the most valuable thing you have is time and ensure that we offer not wasting our project in the pattern of modern life without a high standard of life away from the center and main roads and trade centers and entertainment on the one hand and away from the congestion and noise of the streets on the other hand


  • City: Istanbul
  • Neighborhood: Esenyurt
  • Country: Turkey