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A big city for those who have big dreams…

Project NTE-18 designed to make it one of the greatest architectural landmarks of İstanbul as the Maiden’s Tower, Haghia Sophia or Galata Tower.

Therefore project provided its conformity with the natural view of the city as the hills of İstanbul with seven hills. Accordingly project prevented the blocking of view and sun of the places you live in.

Project NTE-18 which is one of the greatest projects of Europe is simply a brand new city that is founded in a city. We reserved the Southern part of the Project for shopping, residence and Office life and the Northern part to the housing that create their own living experience and yard. We created living spaces with different functions and square meters which you can choose due to your life style. The only thing you have to do is to decide where you will live in the Cutting Edge Project of the West.

The greatest advantages of Project NTE-18 are its green fields that will never be covered.

The Project NTE-18 couldn’t ignore the need of urban people for green while building the cutting edge Project of the West. The special location of the project provides a privilege also in this manner to those living in Project NTE-18 . Because the North of the project is surrounded by green fields that will never be covered.

We placed emphasis on green for you to take a great pleasure of life.

A devastating landscape is also waiting for you at Project NTE-18 . You can ride a bicycle at Water Park where the water meets the green or take a walk by the decorative pool. Your walk may take you the NTE-18 Park where the rich flora of Marmara Region is merely exhibited as a collection. You may spend time in the tennis courts, turf, sunbathing terraces, large lagoons or plant growing sections in NTE-18 Park.

As we were talking about staying alone with the nature, we don’t have to forget the educational garden. Here you can investigate the birdhouses or play with the squirrels. You can even pitch a tent and camp in the nature. You can let your children go to the playgrounds near the houses securely.

Great ideas for a better future…

The Project NTE-18 also considered our next generations while constructing NTE-18 . We applied all the requirements of a sustainable Project in NTE-18 .
In our opinion a sustainable Project depends on efficient use of energy and decreasing the carbon dioxide emission to minimum. Therefore we provided The Project NTE-18 to use its energy in the most effective way.


  • City: Istanbul
  • Neighborhood: Bağcılar
  • Country: Turkey


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  • Rooms: 1
  • Baths: 1


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  • Rooms: 3
  • Baths: 1

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