NTE-28 Best Choice For Real Estate Investment




this project is located on the road of E80, also known as the TEM, and also located on the road of the third Istanbul airport, which is expected to be the largest airport in Europe without mentioning the easy access to the areas of Esenyurt and Beylik Düzü, Our project is build on a luxurious architectural system that fulfills your residential investment needs with integrated services from commercial markets, gaming centers, bank branches, pools, security and protection for your property.


The project is located 20 minutes from Istanbul’s third airport

5 minutes away life garden which is the largest garden in Europe.

A 10-minute drive from Istanbul’s Channel, which will reach the Black Sea and Marmara Sea with each other.

7 km from the Lake of küçük çekmece  and 6.5 km from Büyük çekmece  Beach

Project Features:

The project is divided into three phases based on 350 thousand square meters

The project includes 2,500 residential units and a commercial unit

The project contains multiple apartment systems, starting from a room and a salon and ending with 5 rooms and a salon