The number of tourists arriving in Turkey exceeds 8 million during the first five months of this year.



The number of tourists to Turkey exceeded the 8 million mark, reaching 8 million 762,509 tourists during the first five months of this year, an increase of 5.55 percent over the same period last year.
The number of tourists coming to Turkey this year and the past is the number of tourists in the first five months of this year to about 928 thousand and 376 tourists.
In a similar context, Georgia took second place with the number of Georgian tourists to about 874 thousand and 955 tourists and the number of German tourists about 863 thousand and Iranians to 774 thousand and 10 tourists.
On the same list, the number of British tourists to Turkey reached 396 thousand and 515 tourists. The number of Ukrainian tourists reached 316,252 tourists and Azeris to 243,806 and Iraqis to 239,966 tourists and Dutch to 205,931 tourists and Greeks to 204,806 tourists.



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