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First on-sea airport in Turkey



The opening of the airport (Ordu- Gerason) in North Turkey, and it is the first airport in Europe which is all over the sea through a ceremony in the participation of the Turkish president and the Prime Minister.

The project of airport started in 2011, 19 km far from Ordu city, and 25 km from Gerason.


The land nature of that area made the construction of the airport a hard challenge to the Turkish goverment, which led  them to build it all over the sea, airport landing area is 3 km, 45 meters in width, with a long threshold of 7 km to protect the airport from the sea waves up to 100 meters.


This airport gives an strategically importance to the area, because it facilitate the and transportations to and from the Black Sea region, where the Turkish Airlines and Anadulu Airlines announces that there will be five flights per week to this airport from Sabiha Airport in Istanbul, and Essin Boga Airport in Ankara, and the ticket price will be 79 Turkish Lira as an offer for the opening.




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