Most Real Estate Buyers In Turkey


Antalya is considered the first and best-selling real estate for foreigners, after the city of Antalya comes Istanbul and Aydin cities as the most best-selling real estate. According to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism, it is in the city of Istanbul in January 2015 was sold 243 property, and in February has become 301 Property sale, and therefore the total property sale in Istanbul during the two months amounted to 544 Property .

During 2014 as a whole it has been selling properties to investors in 2447 in Istanbul. Moreover in the same year it was sold 12181 property in 10 cities they are: Antalya, Istanbul, Aydin, Mugla, Mersin, Bursa, Yalova, Izmir, Ankara and Sakarya.

The total amount of properties sold in Turkey has reached in January 17489 Property, while in February amounted to 17121 in the sense that during these two months were sold 34 610 Property for investors in all the cities of Turkey.

the buyers most nationality are:

Germany, Russia, England, Norway, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Switzerland and Kuwait.

Also the citizens coming from Bolivia, Indonesia, Iceland, Liberia, Luxembourg, Singapore, Sudan, Tanzania and Tunisia in the past few months they did draw attention about buying real estate.



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